In October 1991, University of Gezira established the Horticultural Export Development Corporat


Excellence in the field of horticultural export research and community service to support the national economy and raise the level of per capita income.

Achieving sustainable agriculture and economic development and contribution to support the national economy.

1. Conduction of economic studies to build data base necessary for solid export strategy.

2. Field and laboratory studies related to improvement of both quality and quantity of horticultural crops by:
- Introduction of new cultivars and improvement of the local ones to comply with export standards.
- Use of newly developed technologies to improve production of horticultural crops.

3. Studies on paste processing of these crops to meet world market specifications.

4. Development of promising areas via implementation of technical and field studies on areas such as Tokar and Elgash Deltas, Abugibeiha and Southern Blue Nile.

5. Introduction of export as an activity in the irrigated schemes.

6. Spread of export culture and highlighting its importance in building the national economy.

7. Organization of training courses and sessions to qualify and upgrade the performance of people involved.

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