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In October 1991, University of Gezira established the Horticultural Export Development Corporation as a research unit (HEDC), affiliated to the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. In 1992, the Federal Ministry of Finance and Trade expressed their interest with this unit and supported it financially. At the end of 1993, University of Gezira decided, in agreement with Ministries of Finance and Trade, to establish the National Institute for the Promotion of Horticultural Exports to replace the Corporation and to be the focus of studies aiming at improving the horticultural sector to maximize its contribution in the national economy. The statute of the Institute was approved at the meeting of the Senate Council No. (199) which held on 15th of September 2013.


Excellence in the field of horticultural export research and community service to support the national economy and raise the level of per capita income.


Achieving sustainable agriculture and economic development and contribution to support the national economy.

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