Vegetable research

Aims to improve both production and quality of vegetable crops to meet world markets standards, this objective can be achieved through a strategy based on the following.

- 1. To explain the importance of growing vegetable crops for export to increase the incomes of produces and improve the Preference of local consumers promote export-related industries.
- 2. To identify constraints facing production of vegetables for export in Sudan and propose appropriate solutions to improve their production for local and exports markets.
- 3. To conserve genetic resources of vegetables and development of new cultivars suitable for export.
- 4. Conduction of necessary studies to introduce vegetable crop for export within the activities of irrigated schemes in Sudan.
- 5. Training and qualifying agricultural engineers, extensionist and agricultural technicians, and educating farmers about the technical packages for production of vegetables for export.
- 6. Training and qualification of vegetable exporters.
- 7. Organization of scientific conferences, workshops, exhibitions and field days to promote the vegetable export industry.


"Excellence in production of vegetables to comply with international markets"

Vegetable research


"Effective contribution to fulfillment of agricultural development to support the national economy"

Vegetable research

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